Hi, I’m Rachel Abbassi. I’m a grateful recovering alcoholic and stroke survivor.

Rachel Abbassi’s journey is one of resilience, hope, and the transformative power of using her voice. A stroke survivor and gratefully recovering alcoholic with seven years of sobriety, Rachel faced severe post-stroke symptoms this year, including neurological vision challenges. Recognizing the need to step back from a beloved career due to her disability with chronic pain, she chose to channel her energy in recovery through the Recovery Daily Podcast.

Rachel’s podcast reveals her approach to life—a focus on opportunities rather than fixating on what can no longer be enjoyed. Her belief in healing through shared experience, strength, and hope fuels her perseverance. Drawing parallels between her recovery experiences, she seeks to inspire others and add value to their lives.

Rachel’s story isn’t just about personal transformation; it’s about turning her inner voice outward, illuminating the often-hidden struggles of mental health, alcoholism, and the aftermath of a stroke. Her topics revolve around recovery, self-improvement, acceptance, and gratitude.

Rachel’s vulnerability shines through as she challenges the public perception of her life-long projected identity. Her narrative underscores the importance of consistency and openness in recovery, acknowledging that progress isn’t always visible; sometimes, it’s about the inner journey toward serenity, joy, and purpose.

Rachel invites us to acknowledge the unseen illnesses within us—depression, anxiety, and despair—issues doctors may not easily detect. By focusing outward and being willing to help others, she believes we discover the medicine we need, fostering a community where mutual support thrives.

For Rachel, sharing the depths of her disease publicly is intimidating, yet less frightening than facing those depths alone. Embracing vulnerability allowed her to confront her fears, navigate post-stroke challenges, and embrace the healing power of leaning in to discomfort, recognizing that life’s beauty often emerges beyond pain.

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