Press Kit

Welcome to the official press kit for the Recovery Daily Podcast, a podcast that offers daily inspiration, support, and personal stories for those on the journey of recovery.

Podcast Overview

The Recovery Daily Podcast is a daily dose of inspiration and support for individuals in recovery from alcoholism, stroke, and mental health challenges. Hosted by Rachel Miller, the podcast features personal stories and valuable insights to help listeners navigate their recovery journeys.


The Recovery Daily Podcast is designed for:

  • Individuals in recovery from addiction and mental health challenges.
  • Friends and family members seeking to better understand and support loved ones in recovery.
  • Professionals and experts in the field of addiction and mental health.

Anyone interested in personal growth, self-improvement,


  • The podcast offers a vast library of episodes, each addressing different aspects of recovery, personal growth, and mental health.
  • The episodes can be found on the podcast website,, and are available on popular podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, and Google Podcast.

Key Features

  • Daily episodes that draw parallels in her recovery experiences to provide inspiration and hope.
  • Personal stories shared from forty-nine years of growth while fighting both medical and mental health challenges, offering relatable experiences.
  • Perseverance fueled by adding value to the lives of others and by not taking herself too seriously.
  • Healing by shining a light in the dark places we don’t talk about, so that we can release the ideas that are dangerous to our mental health and make room for joy and gratitude.
  • Practical tips for maintaining sobriety and well-being, leveraging our experiences to embrace our best selves through acceptance and gratitude.
  • A supportive online community for listeners to connect to like-minded survivors.

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