Summer Sobriety: Thriving in the Heat with Creativity

Summer has always been my favorite season. The hotter, the better. Nature’s growth and the long days fill me with energy and happiness. I can actually feel myself smiling on the inside. However, summer also brings with it positive memories of drinking which, frankly, can make sobriety a bit more strenuous during this season.

Summer Sobriety Vibes and Old Memories

In my “drunkalogue”, all seasons were synonymous with drinking, Whether it was relaxing by the kiddie pool in the backyard or enjoying outdoor homemade dinners with my mom and a glass of wine, summer presents a unique challenge for me. During my days of active drinking, I celebrated the atmosphere of wine festivals and craft fairs, where my focus was more on my glass than the event itself.

Now, in sobriety, my perspective has shifted. I’ve found joy in activities that don’t involve alcohol but instead celebrate the creative and vibrant life I’ve built. I find ways to relax and have fun by moving my body and mind.

Creative Expression in Sobriety

This May, I’ve initiated a “Creative Expressions” challenge to encourage podcast listeners to channel their energies into creative projects. Whether it’s writing, painting, woodworking, or any form of artistic expression, the goal is to feed our energy into something tangible. Personally, I’ve taken up flea market flipping in sobriety, transforming old furniture into something with new purpose. It’s a wonderful metaphor for recovery—taking something overlooked or discarded and giving it a new utility and beauty.

I’ve also started a new section on my website, Recovery Upcycling, to showcase these projects. It’s a testament to how sobriety has given me the time and clarity to pursue passions that were once sidelined by my drinking. Summer is a beautiful time to get outside and be creative.

Staying Sober Through Summer Celebrations

As we head into summer, the challenges of maintaining sobriety can seem depressing. From barbecues to beach outings, summer is charged with temptations. However, it’s also an opportunity to make new traditions that don’t revolve around alcohol.

For instance, instead of sipping beer or wine, I’ve found unexpected excitement in crafting non-alcoholic “spritzers”, coca-cola Slurpees from 7-Eleven, and homemade snow cones. These treats keep me cool, hydrated, and satisfied without the need for alcohol. Hosting sober barbecues, engaging in sports, or simply enjoying the outdoors are all ways I celebrate the season now.

The Importance of a Sober Support Network

A great strategy is having a sober buddy—a friend who understands the importance of my sobriety and supports me in social situations where alcohol is present. This accountability and understanding are crucial, especially during festive times when the urge to drink might feel stronger.

Reflections on Sobriety and Growth

Each experience in sobriety, including the summer season, provides a new chapter of growth. My recovery requires patience, care, and nurturing. Summer a season to celebrate life, to engage with the world in meaningful ways, and to cherish the vibrant, sober life I’ve chosen. Sometimes we need to search for potential in the seemingly insignificant seasons of our lives and find joy in the growth that follows. Here’s to a summer of joy, creativity, and continued recovery.