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I Am A Miracle In Recovery

In our lives, especially when navigating life-altering and near-fatal events that lead to a life of recovery, the concept of a miracle in recovery often emerges. And yes, while many attribute a miracle in recovery to divine intervention, I believe there’s room for a broader interpretation. Whether it’s a higher power, the universe’s mysterious ways, or the inexplicable resilience of the human spirit, miracles are all around us. They’re in our stories, our struggles, and our victories, big and small.

Recently, I was struck by the miraculous stories shared with me by women in recovery, both from alcoholism and stroke. These stories, coupled with my own personal reflections and experiences, continue to solidify my belief that I am a walking miracle. Although I may feel undeserving of the adversity I face; I find myself now exactly where we need to be, in a place I never could have planned.

So, why do I consider myself a miracle in recovery? And more importantly, why should you see yourself as one too? Let’s break it down:

1. Survival and Resilience

Those who have survived the clutches of alcoholism or survived a life-altering and near-fatal event, like a stroke, have been given a gift. And, the true miracle lies in our capacity to rise from the depths of despair with hope and determination.

2. Capacity for Change

Our ability to adapt, evolve, and transform in the face of change and adversity is nothing short of miraculous. The unwavering courage and belief in our ability to become better versions of ourselves despite our challenges is a source of unparalleled inspiration for others.

3. Continued Hope

Maintaining hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles is a heroic effort. Yet, here we are, clinging to the belief that a better version of ourselves is possible no matter the grief. This optimism keeps us moving forward as a community of miracles in recovery.

4. Inspiring Others

It is a miracle that we can simply share our experiences and help another survivor avoid the suffering that we have endured. We can offer a piece of ourselves to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to find their way out of suffering. This gift of inspiration, of course, requires a willing receiver.

5. Embracing Joy in Sobriety

Lastly, finding joy in a life free from alcohol is a daily miracle. Sobriety opens up a world of possibilities, a life where we are present, engaged, and truly alive. This joy, this renewed sense of being, is miraculous. This is the biggest miracle I’ve encountered – the fact that I don’t have a desire to drink today is extraordinary and, at one time, thought to be highly improbable.

It’s important to acknowledge our resilience and capacity to adapt to change. The fact that I am sober today, navigating life post-stroke, is a testament to the miraculous nature of our human spirit.

I was once told by a therapist, amidst personal turmoil, that humans are far more resilient than we realize. This insight has stayed with me over the years as a constant reminder of our inherent strength and ability to let go and trust in a higher power, whatever that may look like in your life. Take a moment to recognize the miracles within us and around us. Our stories are vital in demonstrating the existence of miracles and in keeping the hope meter high for one another.

2 thoughts on “I Am A Miracle In Recovery

  1. Susan Kenney

    Rachel, I definitely agree that there are so many miracles all around us, if we only recognize them!

    Thank you for helping me consider the importance for each person telling his/her story in order to boost the hope meters!!! I know, I feel better, listening to hopeful stories. It makes sense that others, also need stories to hear, even when it’s difficult to share! Susan Kenney

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